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Our objective is, and has been for over 28 years, to help you get an agreed divorce* as simply and inexpensively as possible by using flat or fixed legal fees, which vary depending on whether or not you have minor children, property, debts or other agreements to be made. The Agreed Divorce Clinic™ is focused on providing friendly, high-quality legal services without you having to spend hourly fees** for attorney's time. Through our office, if certain grounds for divorce apply to you, and because I am physically disabled, you do not have to go to Court to obtain your divorce unless you choose to. We also offer you the opportunity to make a down payment and make payments on the balance, if needed. Your divorce can even be done by using email and the U.S. Mail or, you can come to our office to check us out - you have a choice.
You may also be eligible for our FREE legal forms download so that the two of you can complete the state of Tennessee approved forms, then file and obtain your own divorce in court without an attorney and without paying legal fees. Call or email us to see if you qualify.
We are sorry that you find yourself at this point of getting a divorce, but if you must, then let us help you. Client satisfaction is very important to us and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations in a friendly, caring and professional manner. Read the "ABOUT US" and the "HOW IT WORKS" page for prices and then use the "CONTACT US" page - we're sure you'll be happy working with us, because thousands of couples already have. We look forward to hearing from you! Look for our "CONTACT US" page, even if its just to find out whether or not you are eligible for the FREE legal forms for your use in court without an attorney.
What We Offer Above All Others:
1. No office visits unless you want to come check us out and meet us personally.
2. Free initial phone or email consultation.
3. If you are eligible, download our Free Forms to do your own divorce.
4. You can make a down payment and pay off the balance before filing the divorce documents.
5. The entire process can be partly, or all, by toll free phone, U.S. Mail, email, office visits or your choice of  a combination thereof.
6. If you need it, we offer 24 to 48 hour signature ready document completion for an additional fee, with the entire balance paid in advance including next day court filing of your documents.
7. Access to all documents is available to both spouses, upon request, for a completely transparent process.
8. Our on line, by phone or in our office negotiation center, charged by hourly fees, is available on request to resolve and agree on the final issue(s) needed, if any, to reach your full agreement.
9. All divorces we file are guaranteed to become final within 75 days of your signing of the documents that we prepare except, with children, you must add 30 days and attend a one-time parenting seminar.
10. If you qualify by state law and choose to download the states' FREE legal forms, any time before your legal documents are filed by you, your choice of the level of our legal services may be upgraded-see the "How It Works" page. 
 Convenience! You can choose any part of, or all of the conveniences built into our process.
Frank and Debbie
Frank Kessler, Attorney and Counselor at Law (since 1982)
Debbie Kessler - Paralegal (since 1980)
* An agreed divorce is when the two of you have reached full agreement on each and every thing that matters including, but not limited to, your debts, assets and your children, if any, and have no decisions left for a judge to make.
** Most divorce attorneys charge $200 to $350 per hour and keep track of their time. They also require a $1,500 to $2,500 retainer fee deposit to pay for those hours spent on your case. Our hourly fee is $200 and we never charge anyone without their permission first. We charge no hourly fees unless things change and you ask us to spend extra time trying to help resolve an issue(s) that came up after we begin the process. No additional hourly fees will ever be charged without first getting your approval to work extra time on your case.
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