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Our objective is, and has been for over 40 years, to help you get an agreed divorce as simply and inexpensively as possible by using a flat amount for LEGAL FEES OF ONLY $900 to $1200, which you can see on our page titled OUR PRICES. The Agreed Divorce Clinic™ is focused on providing friendly, high-quality legal services without you having to spend hourly fees for attorney's time, provided that both of you have completely agreed to all possible property or debt issues, if any, OR, if you have minor children you have also agreed to all parenting issues on the Agreed Parenting Plan which you can see in our page titled FORMS.

What We Offer Above All Others: NO COURT , a fixed amount of  LEGAL FEES of ONLY $900 to $1200 plus Court costs  & CONVENIENCE

1. We will discuss your case with you over the phone without any charge to you. That's our FREE initial consultation. If you have not fully agreed on every issue we will suggest how you can solve the final issues or problem.

2. We can make your agreement to be legally effective immediately so you can begin to live your lives as though you are no longer married after both of you have given notarized signatures on all documents.

3. We only need you to visit our office when your documents are complete and ready to be signed and notarized, but you can come by, by appointment only, if you want to come check us out and meet us personally.

4. You can make a down payment only, if you wish, which will get all of your documents ready for both of your notarized signatures and you can pay off the balance within 4 months before filing the documents with the court. After signing, by law, your signature will expire in 6 months, so you have that time to pay off the balance, unless you will need a longer period of time which can be arranged.

5. The entire process can be partly or entirely done by phone, email, US Mail, Office Visits or your choice of a combination thereof.

6. If needed, we offer a RUSH SERVICE for 48 hour signature ready documents for an additional fee with next day filing with the court.

7. If you find a lower price we will PRICE MATCH and you still will not have to appear in Court. See OUR PRICES page for details.

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$900 WITHOUT KIDS plus court costs

$1200 WITH KIDS plus court costs

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